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How to get rid of bed bugs

Just the mention of bed bugs is enough to get most of us scratching. These minuscule black beasts are something of a nightmare for any homeowner. The sad fact is that many of us fall foul to infestations at some stage. What makes a pest like this so frightening is that its presence has nothing much to do with hygiene. That’s because bed bugs can live anywhere so long as they’re near their food source. The bad news for us is that we are the food source in question. As such, any bed, no matter how clean, can fall foul to this. For proof, consider that even five-star hotels have had to deal with infestations like these.

Even if you’ve managed to escape this issue until now, note that bed bugs are hitchhikers. They could find their way onto your clothes anywhere from the bus to the library. And, from there, they can gain easy access to your bed. Telltale signs that you’re one of the unlucky ones include specks of stained blood on your sheets from squashed bugs, or tiny eggshells. You may even notice that you keep receiving bites in the night. And, when you do, you’re going to want to know the following methods for getting rid of bed bugs.

Be sure that you are dealing with bed bugs

First, make sure that you really are dealing with bedbugs. If bites are all you have to go off, this could be fleas or even mosquitos instead. To ensure the right treatment, then, clear any confusion by taking a look. As mentioned, it’s often possible to see stains from bugs who don’t make the night, or mini shells. When you strip back your sheets, though, you may even spot the bugs themselves. They tend to hide in dark crevices, so you might need to search for them. Still, adults range from around 4mm-6mm so you should find them easy enough to spot. Then, you can get down to proper treatments.

Try cleaning

In the case of a mild infestation, a decent cleaning session may be enough to get rid of the risks. That’s because those bugs won’t have been able to breed, and so the issue should be contained. Try stripping your bed and washing all contaminated bedding. Make sure, too, to vacuum in every possible hiding spot. Bear in mind, though, that missing one egg here could lead to your infestation starting again. If that happens, you’ll have no choice but to…

Call the professionals

If signs of an infestation continue, it’s essential that you call on Coventry Pest control. That’s because this is an issue which will only escalate if you continue to ignore it. Besides, you may struggle to sleep well at night knowing that these crawlies are about. Professional services ensure thorough pest control by those who know the habits of bugs like these. Throughout a few visits, this is the best way to ensure that every last bug is gone from your bed.