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What Is Woodworm

Woodworm is the most common term used to describe the larvae of the Common Furniture Beetle and several species of wood-boring beetle.

As the name suggests, woodworm is often introduced into a home by second-hand wooden furniture, including bed frames, wardrobes, and wicker furniture.

However, this is not the only way woodworm can enter the property. The adult beetles can fly, meaning they are able to fly directly into your home through an open window to lay their eggs on unpolished, rough wooden surfaces. The eggs then hatch larvae, which burrow straight into the wood, surviving entirely on a wood diet for over three years. After three years of being burrowed happily in your wooden furniture, an adult beetle will emerge, typically between the warmer months of May and September.
Not only can woodworm destroy your wooden furniture, however. They can also attack your wooden floorboards and any joinery within the property. Most importantly, they can attack and severely damage rafters and joists structurally. It means that a woodworm infestation isn’t only unpleasant; it’s also highly unsafe.

Unfortunately, woodworm is a problem across the whole of the UK, so you’re not alone!

How to spot woodworm

The first signs of a woodworm infestation are small, 2mm, round holes in wooden surfaces, wherever they may be. The tiny holes may appear in:

  • Skirting boards
  • Floorboards
  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • Structural beams and loft timbers

If these holes show white, clean wood inside, it indicates that they are fresh, which is the best time to deal with the problem. Accompanying the holes will be tiny piles of dust. This is one of the clearest indications that your property is suffering from a woodworm invasion.

How we can help

While there are DIY remedies to combating a woodworm pest problem, there’s no better way of ensuring your property is woodworm free than enlisting the help of the experts. Successful woodworm treatment takes specialist skill, especially if the infestation has reached your structural timber and joists.

We at Coventry Pest Control understand how damaging woodworm can be to your property and furniture. We guarantee our expert woodworm treatment will leave your property safe and protected. What’s more, we have over 30 years of specialist knowledge and experience in the local Coventry area, which means we can treat the problem quicker and more efficiently than some of the nationwide companies. Our team of experts can assess and diagnose your woodworm problem and suggest the most humane and efficient solution for woodworm treatment.

How we treat woodworm

After assessing your property, we will use one of two specialist woodworm treatments
Fumigation: An oil-based liquid which, using a pressurised machine, produces a fine mist. Ideal for treating the whole property in the case of severe infestation.

Water-based treatment: A liquid formulation sprayed directly onto the wood surfaces, much like weed killer.

Please be aware: Your property will need to be vacated for 48 hours following whatever treatment we decide is best.

What to do next

If you believe your property is suffering from a woodworm infestation, please do not hesitate to call us on 02477 220588 or email us on info@coventrypestcontrol.co.uk.


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