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Pigeon Dropping Removal

Pigeon Dropping Removal

Pigeon droppings cleaning service

The fact that pest control exists showcases just how common it is for uninvited guests to show up in the home. Of course, no one wants to witness pests in their home, but even when out of sight, there can be some pests that pose more problems than others, especially from a health point of view. It goes without saying that any form of faeces present within the home is a health hazard, but not everyone is aware of just how dangerous faeces from birds can be. In summary, the presence of bird droppings is a breeding ground for all types of parasites, generally derived from pigeon guano. CPC are specialists at offering bird dropping removal, cleaning and control management in all areas.

What is Guano?

A result of fungus growing within dried pigeon faeces – Guano can lead to a series of diseases, with the most serious including histoplasmosis, candidiasis and cryptococcosis. This details exactly how fatal the presence of bird waste can be, and why it should be removed as soon as possible. Disinfection cleaning services and professional cleaning is the only way to guarantee complete hygiene and you can get that, plus a range of cleaning tips for the future, from us.

Bird Guano Cleaning and Removal

Bird guano causes a lot of damage to buildings. Moreover, bird droppings are hazardous and can lead to serious health problems. Companies facing bird guano problems should hire professionals to clean the affected areas before any further damage is done.

Why bird droppings removal is important?

Removing bird droppings from buildings and other areas is important because bird guano can lead to the spread of serious diseases. The guano can as well cause damage to the building structure, Coventry pest control provides a highly effective and safe bird guano cleaning and removal service. They can help eliminate any damages caused by bird guano.

How to identify the faecal matter

It would be easy to assume that all droppings are the same, but there are some distinguishing features that allow you to ascertain whether pigeon droppings are present or not. For the most part, those from a pigeon will take on the form of tiny marbles, often a whitish brown in colour.

However, there can be times when they could be wet, and these often a sign of unhealthy and distressed birds. Regardless of what type are present, the removal needs to be dealt with urgently. Fortunately, we have a cleaning service specifically to remove pigeon guano. We’re open to taking calls and emails 7 days a week!

Business risks caused by bird guano

Birds can be problematic pests for businesses handing food such as food processing factories and bakeries, where they can get inside the building and cause real damage. Guano is bad news and when these birds leave their mess behind, it needs to be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent any damage or health issues.

Birds can damage the structure of a property due to their nesting habits, they can also spread diseases such as salmonellosis through their drippings. Bird guano can have a negative impact on businesses as the business may need to take costly measures to clean the mess and also repairing the building. Below are some of the problems caused by birds.

Physical damage: Pigeons can dislodge roof tiles. Bird guano corrode stone, metal, paintwork, and other material which can then damage insulation. As a result, the building owners may need to repair the damaged areas, which is costly and time-consuming.

Spread of diseases: Bird droppings is bad news, it contains many types of bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can contaminate food and lead to the spreading of the diseases.

Blocked drainage systems and water damage: The nest birds build in buildings cause a lot of damage. The nests can block drainage pipes and lead to flooding on the roof. The flooding can cause a lot of damage and will definitely need a lot of money to repair.

Consumption of stored food: Businesses that deal with flour or grain can lose some of their products to birds. These creatures can gain access to stores through doors, ventilation points, and damaged roofs. Packaged goods can also be damaged by bird guano.

Vermin control services

Understandably, some assume that cleaning is straightforward, but given the seriousness of the illnesses associated with guano, cleaning bird droppings yourself is not advised.

Removing them often involves using specialist equipment and products, which is why so many people will employ the services of a professional.

Not only will a professional company contend with all forms of bird dropping removal but will also know how to seek out other locations that may have been missed in the first instance.

There is the potential for the faeces to be present throughout the home, and only cleaning waste that can be seen is not always enough.

What about other birds?

Other bird waste can be just as serious. As such, any form of faeces present in a home or business needs to be dealt with as soon as possible

If there is bird faecal matter in the vicinity, there is a good chance there are pests nearby, so enlisting the services of an experienced and professional company is essential. Don’t be tempted to just throw cleaning solutions and water at the problem, water may clear the area to the naked eye but it is not an effective solution.

Symptoms Associated with a Bird Dropping

Despite there being many instances where the onset of faecal matter is obvious, there can be times when they can leave their droppings in hidden areas. Evidently, home and business owners may not always be aware of their presence, but the sudden onset of illness could be due to the presence of bird waste. Even if you haven’t left windows or doors open, the diseases can still spread. Some symptoms suffered are as follows.

  • Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Headache
  • Aching Muscles
  • Symptoms are often experienced within 14 days of exposure. As well as seeking medical advice, it can also be advisable to enlist the help of a pest control company to check over the property.

If you are concerned about the problem reprising itself, then why not consider a regular management check-up. Working with a professional company will allow you to create a schedule that minimises the likelihood of a pest infestation in the future.

Birds can also carry diseases and additional pests within their feathers and on their bodies, bird guano is just one of the health hazards. Cleaning services are open for all areas of disinfection, specialist cleaning management, control services and hygiene improvements from us. Bird guano requires expert cleaning for it to work – be effective. You can’t risk the safety of your family or yourself to try to cut corners with the cleaning.

Professional Pest Control Can Help Stop Damage to Your Property

Just as there are several health risks associated with pigeons, there are other risks posed by guano. Bird droppings have a high acid content, meaning that should they harbour in soft stone buildings, there is a danger of corrosion.

If left for too long, there is the potential of the guano leading to thousands of pounds in damage, so enlisting the service of a professional company, with experience of eliminating pests, in the first instance is always the more affordable route.

Choosing the Right Pest Control Company

Given the importance of bird dropping removal, it stands to reason that only a professional, experienced and knowledgeable company should be used. The removal of bird droppings required using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as a professional and proficient approach.

As such, simply focusing on the price alone could mean that you are not getting full value for money when enlisting the services of a pest control company.

Fortunately, checking the credentials of a company like us is straightforward. There are many factors that contribute towards a professional service, with the more prominent being customer reviews and experiences.

Why Choose CPC

Given how important it is to find a reliable pest control company to deal with pigeon dropping cleaning, people will be keen to find a company that can offer several forms of pest control.

In some instances, their role can be limited, but this is not the case with CPC – Bird Dropping Removal. When dealing with pests, there can be several tasks that need to be carried out, which is why CPC has strived to offer a tailored and affordable service that ensures all pest control issues are dealt with promptly.

If you are currently contending with the removal of bird droppings, or merely want to enquire about the pest control services CPC control and a cleanup service can offer, then why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

How to Safely Remove Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can spread diseases; therefore, you need to take care of removing it. Here are some tips for removing pigeon guano safely and effectively.

When cleaning bird guano, make sure you are properly covered to protect yourself from inhaling the guano as it contains toxic substances.

When cleaning a large area full of bird guano, use a hose to clean up the whole area, and once damp, you can mop the area using water mixed with other cleaning detergents.

If you want a professional to clean your building, you can hire Pest Control Coventry a company that offers effective guano cleaning services. For more information, call us on 07779-258-145 or 02337-220-588 or you can email us at info@coventrypestcontrol.co.uk