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Have a rat problem? Here’s what do next

“There’s a rat in me kitchen, what am I gonna go?”

UB40 (and anybody currently living in a home that has encountered an infestation).

Rat infestations are among the worst situations that any homeowner, tenant, or landlord could ever be faced with. Aside from being a nuisance due to their sound, they can cause damage to the property as well as the assets inside it. Worst of all, they contaminate food and spread diseases to put your family’s health at risk.

Once a rat problem has been identified, it’s vital that you follow the right steps to overcome this problem. Here’s all you need to know.

Find The Source Of Your Problems

Spotting the signs of a rat infestation is one thing, but identifying how they are getting into the home is another altogether. In truth, this knowledge will go a long way to pointing you towards the right steps for preventing further problems.

Some of the most common sources are the roof, drains, and crevices in the walls or structure. Sealing these (or covering drains with a guard that only allows water to get through) can have a hugely positive impact on preventing future infestations. It can contain the current damage too.

Gardens can be another attractive place for rats to appear, especially if it isn’t kept in great condition or you use bird feeders.

Call An Expert

Identifying and containing the damage for the meantime is a good starting point, but you need to get rid of the rats too. This can be a complex task that requires thorough investigations of the home for signs of further problems that you may not have noticed. Due to the skills and equipment required, this is a job that’s best left to the professionals.

Coventry Pest Control can remove rats from your home in a humane fashion before they multiply and cause havoc. We use materials that pose no risk to your family or the property and can remove all remains including rat droppings to restore your home to its pre-infestation glory.

Furthermore, we can install additional features to ensure that your home is safe from future problems. Our fast, affordable, and highly professional service will allow you to finally relax once more.

Clean The Property

Even after having rats professionally removed, it’s important to remember that their presence and germs may have got onto upholstery and furniture. It’s never a bad idea to deep clean the property from top to bottom. Apart from anything else, it’ll put your mind at ease.

The harsh reality is that gnawing and bite marks may mean that some items need to be replaced but most fabrics can be cleaned and recovered. If you identified and treated the problem quickly, the damage hopefully won’t be too bad.

There is no doubting that a rat problem is one of the worst issues that can affect your home but quick identification and professional treatment should help you overcome the problem. When followed by a little hard work to get things back to their best, you can forget the infestation ever happened.

Putting your safety first with Coventry pest control

Nothing in life is more important than our health, and we all follow a number of practices in order to protect ourselves and our families. Unfortunately, thousands of families are guilty of overlooking one of the biggest threats of all: pest infestations.

Here at Coventry Pest Control, our experts can rid your home of rats, mice, wasps and other critters to get your home back to its best. However, the benefits aren’t restricted to the property, and can have a telling impact on your health too.

Professional Pest Control: Essential For Your Family’s Health

When pests enter your home, the annoying sounds they make are the least of your worries. In truth, they can put your health at risk in a variety of ways, which is why you need to take immediate action.

Here are just some of the reasons that pests can be a danger to your health:

  • Pests are riddled with diseases, which can end up in the air. Worse still, when this gets caught in air conditioning systems and similar facilities, the diseases will circulate the home.
  • Lost fur and droppings can also pollute the air, leading to the contraction of diseases as well as difficulties with breathing. Worse still, it affects children and the elderly more than others.
  • Gnawing of electrical cables can potentially lead to fire hazards. Likewise, gnawing wood may result in hazardous situations.
  • Pests can bite or sting you directly, posing the threat of minor issues like bruising to major issues like rabies.
  • Pests can contaminate food, allowing your family to consume foods that could bring upset stomachs and a number of more serious issues.
  • The damage to structural aspects of the property could lead to dangerous situations due to collapsing and related issues. Meanwhile, mould could be encouraged to grow too.

For all of the above reasons, and many more, calling the experts to solve the problem is essential.

How Coventry Pest Control Can Help

Coventry Pest Control is proud to offer a comprehensive approach to pest control, covering all major steps en route to getting your house back to its best. This will ultimately put your family in a far better position too.

Our services include thorough inspections of the home and garden to identify the type and severity of pest infestation. Meanwhile, we use the latest techniques and safest products to remove the problem in a humane manner while causing no lasting issues for your family or the property.

In addition to treating pest infestations inside the home, Coventry Pest Control can remove pests from the garden and provide you with the best advice on how to prevent repeat situations. For the sake of your health as well as the property, now is the time to act.

Order Your Pest Control Services Today

Whether you’ve been living with pests or have spotted the signs that rats or wasps have entered your home, it’s vital that you regain control of the situation right away by calling Coventry Pest Control on 02477 220 588 today. From emergencies to preventing future infestations, your family’s health is in safe hands.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Just the mention of bed bugs is enough to get most of us scratching. These minuscule black beasts are something of a nightmare for any homeowner. The sad fact is that many of us fall foul to infestations at some stage. What makes a pest like this so frightening is that its presence has nothing much to do with hygiene. That’s because bed bugs can live anywhere so long as they’re near their food source. The bad news for us is that we are the food source in question. As such, any bed, no matter how clean, can fall foul to this. For proof, consider that even five-star hotels have had to deal with infestations like these.

Even if you’ve managed to escape this issue until now, note that bed bugs are hitchhikers. They could find their way onto your clothes anywhere from the bus to the library. And, from there, they can gain easy access to your bed. Telltale signs that you’re one of the unlucky ones include specks of stained blood on your sheets from squashed bugs, or tiny eggshells. You may even notice that you keep receiving bites in the night. And, when you do, you’re going to want to know the following methods for getting rid of bed bugs.

Be sure that you are dealing with bed bugs

First, make sure that you really are dealing with bedbugs. If bites are all you have to go off, this could be fleas or even mosquitos instead. To ensure the right treatment, then, clear any confusion by taking a look. As mentioned, it’s often possible to see stains from bugs who don’t make the night, or mini shells. When you strip back your sheets, though, you may even spot the bugs themselves. They tend to hide in dark crevices, so you might need to search for them. Still, adults range from around 4mm-6mm so you should find them easy enough to spot. Then, you can get down to proper treatments.

Try cleaning

In the case of a mild infestation, a decent cleaning session may be enough to get rid of the risks. That’s because those bugs won’t have been able to breed, and so the issue should be contained. Try stripping your bed and washing all contaminated bedding. Make sure, too, to vacuum in every possible hiding spot. Bear in mind, though, that missing one egg here could lead to your infestation starting again. If that happens, you’ll have no choice but to…

Call the professionals

If signs of an infestation continue, it’s essential that you call on Coventry Pest control. That’s because this is an issue which will only escalate if you continue to ignore it. Besides, you may struggle to sleep well at night knowing that these crawlies are about. Professional services ensure thorough pest control by those who know the habits of bugs like these. Throughout a few visits, this is the best way to ensure that every last bug is gone from your bed.

Warning Signs I Have A Rat Infestation

Rat infestation is a terrible thing. Left unchecked, it can lead to structural damage, as as well as health risks for your family. In short; this is an issue you want to avoid at all costs. Hence why you should secure the boundaries of your house and keep all your food above floor-level. All the better for keeping your property clear of pests like these for a long time to come.

But, what happens if you already think you have a rat infestation? Is there a hole that’s gone unchecked for too long in your external wall? Have you stored food down low until now? These increase the risks that rats will have already made themselves at home. In this instance, your best chance at rat control would be to contact Coventry Pest Control to take care of the problem. The question is, how do you know for sure that this is necessary? By looking out for the following warning signs of rat infestation, of course.

Droppings and other unwanted gifts

In the majority of cases, droppings are the main clue for rat infestation detection. These pointy slithers are a sure sign of unwanted guests. Larger than mouse droppings, there’s no question about whether rats are to blame when you find one of these. Bear in mind, though, that rats do have some sense of toilet hygiene. If you’re suspicious but haven’t seen droppings yet, check in the corners of your cupboards or kitchen. If an infestation is at play, you can bet that you’ll soon find a pile of unwanted gifts from your rat friends.

Giveaway gnaw marks

Rats eat near enough anything that they come across. That’s part of the reason why they’ve received the accolade of pests. They’ll chew through anything, from wires to wood cupboards, to cardboard boxes. That’s why gnaw marks are the next warning of a rat infestation. Again, this may not be something which you notice outright. But, it is worth keeping an eye out for telltale teeth marks, especially around your kitchen area. Don’t ignore that strange hole in the bottom of your cereal box. Don’t overlook the undeniable tooth mark on your fridge cable. Instead, sit up and pay attention to the fact that you’ve got rats at home.

Strange scratching noises

If you’re still in doubt about whether you have an infestation, listen out for strange scratching noises at night. Rats are primarily nocturnal creatures, so it’s possible that you’ll never catch sight of them during the day. As soon as the house falls silent, though, you may hear their claws scratching your kitchen cupboards. Most wild rats are larger than you would think, so they can make quite a racket. You may even find that these strange noises come from above thanks to an attic infestation. Either way, this is a sign that you can’t deny. If you notice it, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. Only then can you clear out your unwelcome squatters once and for all.

How do I keep my house insect free?

Ah, the summer. There’s so much to enjoy about the warmer months. We can spend time in the outdoors, everyone’s in a good mood, and there seems to be all the possibility in the world. Yet it’s not all positive. While there’s plenty of scope for good things to happen, there are downsides too. For example, it’s more likely that you’ll find insects setting up camp in your home. This affects the overall quality and comfort of your property, and may, in some cases, even affect its value. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested tips for keeping those unwanted insects where they belong: away from your home.

Stop the Open House

Can you blame insects for finding their way into your home if you invite them in? While that crack in the wall might just be a mild inconvenience for you, to insects, it’s a welcome mat, inviting them into your house. So make sure that you’re stopping the open house. Take a look at your property, and take care of any gaps, cracks, and other open areas that insects could pass through. There are no guarantees that you won’t end up with a problem, but you’ll for sure be making it more difficult for them.

Handle Your Rubbish Properly

Insects aren’t coming into your home so that they can sit back and relax. They’re doing it because they need supplies, and you have them. If you were hungry, would you deny the opportunity of free food, especially it seems like the owner was intentionally trying to entice you to eat it? Of course you wouldn’t. Insects are the same! Don’t leave rotten food out in the open. Also, be mindful of where how you’re throwing damaged food away. It might be in the bin, but the bin doesn’t have the security of a nuclear bunker. Insects will still be able to smell and detect the food. Take it out.

Deep Cleaning

It’s obvious that a dirty, untidy home would be more likely to have insects than a spotless home. On a purely functional level, it’s just easier to see the signs of infestation if you’ve got a super clean home. In the act of cleaning, you’ll be pulling out sofas and shedding light on those dark corners. Make a commitment to deep clean your home every couple of weeks, and you’ll be on your way to an insect free home.

In the Garden

Insects may eventually end up in your home, but they have to get there first. If there are fewer insects around your home, then there’s a decreased chance that they’ll end up in your house. Some people have gardens that are like heaven to insects, with plenty of dark, damp spots. If you’ve got an untidy garden, it’ll be crawling with insects, and from there they’ll just be one small step from your home. Take a look at keeping your garden in good shape — it’ll make a difference.

5 Tips to Protect Your Home From Pests

You’ve paid a lot for your home; you want to ensure that everyone who’s living there is paying rent, or is at least invited. However, that’s not always the case. From time to time, we can find that our homes have been invaded by pests, who all-around undermine the quality and comfort of our home. Indeed, the presence of pests can even lead to a decrease in a home’s value. So don’t let the pests win! Below, we take a look at five tips that’ll help to keep those unwanted visitors at bay.

Secure the Perimeter

Pests don’t just materialise from thin air. There’s a journey that takes them from the outside to the inside of your home. If you can cut off the access point, then there’ll have no way of entering your property — or, at least, you’ll be making it more difficult for them. So take a look at your property, and see if there’s any way that creepy crawlies or rodents could gain entry to your home. Cracks in the walls, doors with gaps underneath, and the link between your garage and the rest of your property are all especially vulnerable spots.

Summer Screens

Of course, you’re not going to keep your home in lockdown mode all the time. What about during the spring and summer, when the weather is beautiful? You’ll want to crack those windows open, and let that soft breeze move around your home. To ensure that outside dwellers can find their way into your home, look at adding a screen door to your windows. They’ll still allow all the air to come in but will keep everything else on the other side.      

Keep Things Clean

How often do you see a pest infestation in a spotless home? Not all that often. As such, one of the best ways to keep your home pest-free is to simply keep things clean and tidy. And by that mean, we mean doing more than a quick vacuum each day — we mean giving your property a deep clean, like pulling out the sofas and mopping in those usually hard to reach areas.

Throw Out Old Food

Pests don’t want to enter your home because they love your decor; they do so because you have something that they want. While you might see a property that allows you to relax, create memories, and all-around live an enjoyable life, a pest sees, essentially, a food factory. And they’re hungry. But of course, they’ll only come if they know that there’s food there for them. As such, one of the simplest ways to keep them away is to make sure there’s no food for them to snack on. Throw away any old food that’s beginning to rot (especially fruit), and keep your other foods in airtight containers.

Take Action

Finally, make sure you’re taking a proactive approach when you spot the first signs of pests in your home. The sooner you take action, the less likely it is that they’ll set up long-term residency in your home.